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At Future Renovators Corp, we are your home renovations experts! With years of experience, working on properties all across the tristate area, we have helped countless individuals and families to realize their dream home, faster and with less headaches than any of the competition!

Interior Home Painting
We offer a wide range of home painting services to help you create your dream interior! We strive to ensure each and every interior painting project is done fast and to the highest quality standards around today! Our painting work is designed to help improve the overall aesthetic of your home, while helping to raise property value at the same time. With years of experience painting homes all across the city, we have created an effective process that ensures every job comes out exactly the way our clients desire. Our process includes:

Color Selection & Planning
No paint job should be done without the proper planning and color selection phase. We work closely with our clients to plan out colors and plan precisely how the job will go, and decide what specific tools might be needed to get the job done right. This can include things like the use of specific colors for moldings, accent colors, creating color combinations that fit best for your home and more.

Protecting the Area
One of the most important aspects of interior painting is protecting other areas from paint during the process. From covering up furniture and appliances, to taping off moldings, door knobs, outlets, light switches and more, we work hard to make sure we only paint what needs to be painted!

Surface Preparation
Not every wall is ready to be painted, and some areas and materials might require the use of certain primers and initial coats. Our years of experience interior paint work means that we know exactly what your job needs and the best way to prepare every surface to create the paint look you want. This can include things like filling in cracks or holes, sealing up leaks, removing stains, buffing and sanding, removing old existing paint and much more. The best paint job is done with the proper canvas.

Paint Application
Once your area is prepped and primed and ready to be painted, our team will get to work! We strive to create a uniform finish using a wide variety of colors and paint options, including:

  • Flat Paints
  • Matte Finish
  • Eggshell Painting
  • Satin
  • Semi-Gloss & High-Gloss

For more information on interior painting services be sure to contact Future Renovators Corp today.

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Our Business Was Established on 2005 In New York City And We Work All Over The Tri-State Area. Our Policy Is To Reach Our Clients Needs And Display A High Quality Work Of Art.

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