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With years of experience in the home renovations industry, the team at Future Renovators Corp specializes in drywall repair and renovations work. Drywall is a vital part of any home remodeling project and working with it can be difficult, that’s why it’s important to leave it up to the experts like us! From punch-through holes, to hanging new drywall panels – we specialize in all facets of drywall work and repair.

Drywall Issues
Drywall damage is an all too common problem when it comes to home remodeling and renovations work, and can be difficult to take on yourself. At Future Renovators Corp we work closely with our clients to remedy all their drywall issues and cater to their specific needs, in order to create your dream home or property. It’s important to address drywall issues as soon as possible, as it requires a ton of time and attention to detail. If you don’t take care of drywall issues as soon as possible, they can often get worse and cause structural damage issues to occur within your home or property. We help with common drywall issues including:

Holes, Cracks, Removals and More
Whether you slipped and fell, or punched a wall in a fit of anger, a forceful impact can cause holes and leave openings in your drywall. Depending on the size and impact, we can repair or replace this drywall in no time at all! Removing objects from drywall can often cause holes and punctures to develop. We can help, whether it requires a patch or full drywall replacement.

Water Damage
Plumbing issues and spills can often result in drywall issues and drastically affect the structural integrity of your drywall. This can be a huge hazard and is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible! The Future Renovators team will not only assist you in finding and fixing the leak but will also help to patch and replace the affected drywall area as well.

Drywall Painting & Priming
At Future Renovators Corp, we offer full drywall painting and priming services as well. Priming drywall is a vital step that many people often skip, because of the natural texture of drywall, painting immediately on top of the skim coat will not leave a fully even surface. Drywall priming is an important process that involves sanding down, wiping, cleaning, and prepping a surface with a drywall primer/sealer. This primer will stick to the surface in order to create an even surface for painting, while ensuring none of your paint gets absorbed into the drywall.

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